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10/29/2013 Just selected a new Steinway D from the factory in Hamburg, Germany.

11/26/2013 Steinway just arrived at my home. Best piano I have ever played!!!

(I was so worried about the piano taking forever to get here because sometimes they can get stuck at US customs)

Please feel free to download any of my home recordings of Adolph Henselt's music:

Check out some of my own compositions for piano solo!!!! (composed sometime between 1995-2003)
(Recorded sometime in 2004 on some 9 foot Yamaha in a school)

About me:

***The below paragraph is from almost 10 years ago when I created I'm now 31 years old.

       My name is Noam. I am 23 years of age from Portland Oregon, originally from Israel. I moved to the united states when I was 12 years old. Currently studying to be a commercial pilot. I hold a private pilot certificate with an instrument rating. Big news! I just received my Commercial Pilot / Multi-engine rating!!!!!!!! As you can tell I'm crazy about Adolf Henselt and I think more people should be too!

Check out my recording studio: This is the piano my parents bought me when I was 6 years old in Israel from some Russian family. When we moved to the US we brought it with us. Here it's in the garage of the townhome I lived in when i was in my early 20's. $10 dollar microphone and a laptop with Windows 95 to record! Good old days :)

About Henselt:

        So why isn't Adolf Henselt still known? Some say because he didn't write enough. If you research Adolf Henselt you would most likely run into this kind of biography. This link is from and you would think the information is accurate. Most websites and even books mentioning Adolf Henselt would claim he wrote only wrote etudes, and a piano concerto. So why isn't he famouse now? Because he barely wrote any music right? Well, actually, those sources couldn't be more wrong! He wrote so much more than most realize. Impromptus, Nocturnes, Preambles, Ballades, Duos, Trios, and many many more pieces for piano that are simply not categorized as the 12 waltzes, or the four scherzos. I am a fan of Chopin and Schumann. But sometimes in the middle of a chopin piano concerto i can just fall asleep. With Adolf Henselt it never happens. His music is amazing from start to finish, and if it wasn't, he did not write it down. Liszt knew it, Chopin knew it, and Schumann definatly knew it. There are several quotes of Schumann commenting on Adolf Henselt's music. Comments that potrey envy towards Adolf Henselt's compositions. The following quote is regarding Henselt's four Impromptus:

"It has been years since a musical composition has done me as much good as the one I recently heard..." (Robert Schumann to Henselt on August 7, 1837)

A little Rachmaninov Prelude recorded on my 1998 C&A Steinway D in 2011 at my apartment in Portland. Was a very good piano!!!! NY Steinways are not to my liking, but this one was an exceptional exception!

On my new piano:

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